...To Reduce Small Parcel Shipping Costs

Small parcels are generally transported worldwide by private carriers United Parcel Service (approximately 20% of small parcel category), Federal Express (15%), and DHL (10%).  Here in the US, much of the remaining market share is carried by the US Postal Service.  It is similar in other countries where public/nationalized carriers (estimated 38%) handle the remaining volume.

Our dedicated team of experts will carefully assess your current shipping contracts to identify potential sources of rate/tariff savings and fee reductions.  Because of our expertise, our proprietary software and our proven strategy, our clients often experience rate reductions of between 7% and 11%, and in some cases as much as 34%, in their small parcel programs.

Here's how we do it:

  • Study and analyze your current shipping practices and data
  • Review your small parcel shipping contracts to find opportunities for lower shipping costs
  • Collaborate with you to ensure accuracy in defining areas of focus and refining rate structures
  • Submit on your behalf a carefully composed Formal Request for Proposal (RFP) to the primary small parcel carriers
  • Analyze and compare proposals from small parcel carriers and make recommendations to you
  • Negotiate to improve your current or standard rates with small parcel carriers
  • Establish a basis for ongoing renegotiation with small parcel carriers for your ongoing benefit
  • Implement your new shipping contracts with small parcel carriers
  • Assess and track your cost savings based on reduced shipping rates
  • Continually search for new opportunities to save you more!

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