...To Reduce Freight Shipping Costs


There are numerous carrier billing mistakes, service delivery failures, and erroneous accessorial charges that can occur on each shipping invoice. These errors can be detected and recovered with a quality freight audit.

Transport Logics guarantees to reduce freight costs with our shipping audit covering all major modalities including truck (TL & LTL), ocean, rail and air. Using innovative technology and proven analytics, our team of experts will deliver maximum freight cost savings by matching your most common destinations with the most efficient carriers available.  We will check to ensure your delivery deadlines are being met and your invoices are correct. We will also manage the carrier audit refund process to make certain you do not overpay your truck, ocean, rail, or air freight carriers.

Four Major Benefits To Our Freight Audit Services:

  1. Reduce Freight Costs

    Each carrier invoice we process in a freight bill audit is audited both electronically and by a professional freight auditor. Transport Logics consistently recovers 2-6% of total small parcel and freight costs by identifying all refund eligible opportunities. Try our shipping audit and we will legitimize our service with our results, saving you money.

  2. Reduce Administrative Expenses through Freight Auditing

    Very few companies can efficiently and economically audit shipping invoiceson the same pace and scale as Transport Logics.  It's our only business!   Our software and processes will catch billing errors and service failures that are often missed, and we even manage the rebate/refund process.  

  3. Customize Carrier Audit Services

    Upon request, Transport Logics can customize our freight audit services to achieve your unique objectives, including complex and extensive general ledger (GL) coding. Unlike other freight auditing companies, we understand that a one-size-fits-all approach will not work with all clients, so we want to tailor our freight invoice audit specifically to your needs.

  4. Manage Ongoing Freight and Carrier Reporting

    As a standard value-add feature to Transport Logics' weekly parcel auditing and freight bill audit solutions, online access to our online reporting tool provides the highest level of shipment visibility and access to all freight and parcel audit information.

The following are a few of the carrier reports available from our freight auditing services:

  • Freight Audit Recovery Report
  • Shipping Air vs. Ground Compare Report
  • Corrected Shipping Address Report
  • Collect 3rd Party Shipping Report
  • Shipments Manifested but not Delivered Report
  • Oversize Package Report

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