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The most effective way to reduce freight shipping costs is to negotiate and then continue to renegotiate your parcel and freight contracts. To keep profit margins stable, UPS and FedEx regularly change small charges, tariffs and incentives.  Without a dedicated staff to keep track of these seemingly constant and minimal changes, you can quickly end up paying higher shipping charges!  

In most cases, Transport Logics can negotiate cost savings between 6% and 10% below your current shipping rates.

Our expert team will identify excess charges, develop a modification strategy, and then renegotiate those rates, tariffs and fees to lower your overall shipping bills.  By using sophisticated software and detailed analytics to support our strategy, Transport Logics professionals will stay on top of changing rate structures at UPS, FedEx and DHL, along with several truckload and less-than-truckload freight carriers, and we will continually review your shipping charges to make sure that your transportation costs remain as low as possible.

To find out how good we are, fill out the form to the right and upload your recent shipping bills.  We'll sharpen our pencils and tell you how much we can save you in shipping costs!

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