Chad Hebert


President and Founder Chad Hebert is the nation’s go-to authority on parcel and shipping logistics. Before taking the plunge and founding his own company in 2007, Chad spent 12 years as an executive at UPS where his skills were honed and put to the test in almost every major aspect of the organization including:

  • Operations and Operations Management
  • Sales and Sales Management
  • Pricing (at both District and Regional levels)
  • Logistics (at both District and Regional levels)

With his breakout success at UPS and growing reputation he quickly became a highly sought after authority and was eventually persuaded to leave UPS for a 3rd party logistics company. Chad would remain there for the next five years using his knowledge to build several revolutionary processes from the ground up. Several noteworthy accomplishments included:

  • Developing an intricate logistics plan for international small parcel, express and container shipments.
  • Developing procedures and analytics for small parcel consulting.
  • Developing procedures for lightweight LTL conversion to parcel.
  • Securing truckload bids in excess of $12 million dollars.

After five years with the 3rd-party logistics company, Chad took on the challenge of establishing an entirely new logistics and consulting department for a major Boston-based firm. Chad was directly responsible for the development and implementation of:

  • Products that streamlined parcel logistics analysis;
  • Tools and methodologies for maximizing efficiency in delivery density, time in transit, and pricing;
  • Specialized reporting for distribution analysis and shipping practices;
  • Industry-leading analytical tools for small package distribution.

In 2007, he left the Boston firm to establish Transport Logics as his own business to fully leverage his expertise in service to his clients.  With over 25 years in the industry and ten years in business, Chad Hebert has firmly established his reputation as the "go to" authority in transportation cost savings and efficiency.  He has saved thousands of clients millions of dollars in transportation volumes worth billions. His skill set, knowledge base, experience, and network have enabled Transport Logics to produce tremendous value for clients over the last 10 years. Let Transport Logics optimize your firm’s shipping and transportation processes.